Having a successful website built that will work for your business, is a very cost effective marketing strategy. The long term gains will far out way the initial investment, if you do it right!. The most important feature in a website is to make it easy for your customers to navigate around the site. Gone are the days with top heavy sites which have all the bells & whistles. Your customers will not wait for large image files to download or fancy screen animations. You only have a few seconds to capture your on-line customers and keep them there.

Do you have an existing website?

We can provide you with a full written report on the structure of your website, and how it looks to an average visitor. This is vital information which can help your business grow. Our feedback is presented as a professional, page by page critique. A valuable resource to highlight positive and negative areas for improvement.

We can design & build your website to suit any budget.

You can have a one page website for only $695.00, which includes web hosting for one year.

What’s included in a Standard Website?

  • Up to 5 pages, designed with you, for you
  • Your colours, logo and pictures (supplied by you)
  • Your content (supplied by you)
  • Easy to navigate website with rollover effects

Please note: Web hosting is NOT included in a standard website unless stated on a quote.

Other options, which may vary the cost, are enquiry forms (when hosted), existing website integration, extra pages, ftp download from another server, extra content after commencement, or extra photos. A “quote to build” will be issued, after the initial consultation, and before commencement of works.

See our social media channel for any special offers, or call Mike on 0408 780962 to discuss your needs. Please contact us for a no obligation free quote.


We use themes to build our websites. You may receive a selection of concept themes to choose one. Please be aware that not all website themes behave the same in mobile versions. Some are better than others, and we only choose themes that are mobile responsive. WordPress in itself allows for mobile responsiveness, but ultimately how it performs is up to the theme and coding from the theme developer within the theme, not us. As a web designer, there is only so much we can do to make it look better in a mobile version. All care is taken, but we offer no guarantee on how your new website will perform on a mobile device.

Our Terms for Website Development

50% deposit is required to commence building your website, then a final payment of 50% is to be made once the website has been constructed, using the information and images you supply (unless specified differently in your quote). When we advise you that your website construction has finished, the job is deemed complete (practical completion), and final payment is due. Minor changes can then be made.

Any re-work after practical completion, or addition to the website is charged at the standard contract rate, or part thereof (minimum ½ hour). You must supply all content (unless specified), before construction of the webpage is commenced. URL Media & Marketing will assume creative direction of the design if the client offers no creative direction. Other options, which may vary the cost, existing website integration, extra pages, or extra photos. Please ask for a quote.