As part of any business online strategy, you should be engaging with your customers using email newsletters. One of the most powerful methods for building a relationship with both potential & existing customers is by way of email. It’s how we communicate most efficiently, and where would we all be without it?

A regular email campaign to your subscribers is crucial to a successful website. New content and interesting articles will have your visitors re-visiting your website for the latest information, from the links you provide in your newsletter.

By using a professional looking email campaign, you’ll generate repeat business. URL Media & Marketing now offers this service to its clients, in a simple solution. A template can be set up for you and your staff to manage the email campaigns. Or if you prefer URL Media & Marketing can do all the hard work.

Do you have an existing email database of clients and don’t know how to use it properly? If you don’t have a customer email list, start today! Your competitors already have.

Here are some more benefits:

  • Choose from a one off fee or an on-going monthly rate to set-up your email newsletter template
  • We can create a professional looking newsletter template, using your colours, logo and images
  • No on-going costs for you (if you create email campaigns yourself)
  • After your first campaign is sent by me, you can have self-managed content. You log into a control panel, type what you want to send and hit a few buttons, it’s that easy
  • If you prefer to have URL Media & Marketing compose each of your future email campaigns, they are charged separately POA.
  • Includes integration of your email database (if you have one)
  • You can even segment your client email list
  • We supply the code for your website, so new customers can sign up
  • For existing URL Media & Marketing clients we integrate the code to your website for you
  • Very easy to manage, after we set it up for you
  • You can change the look of your template any time
  • Powerful tools to help you analyse the success of your campaign and track your results
  • Integrate Facebook & Twitter as well as other social media plug-ins into your email campaign
  • Stop using email client software such as Outlook & Hotmail as a way to communicate with all your customers at once
  • Avoid having your business email address being black listed as spam
  • Achieve a higher “open rate” of your emails with enriched .html images
  • Unique URL address, so you can create a link from your website to your latest newsletter, and also have customers sign up from there 
  • Plain text versions can also be sent in the same campaign
  • Manage opt-ins, unsubscribes and bounce cleaning, so you’re always in compliance with anti-spam laws.
  • Your email contacts can automatically unsubscribe from your newsletters
  • Your subscribers can update their info and interests in your records, so you don’t have to process requests manually

Use e-newsletters to keep in touch with your customers and keep them informed about the latest updates for your product or services. You may have a monthly special that will keep your customers coming back to your website and increase sales by extra traffic. Click here for an example.

Whichever way you look at it, using a professional looking e-newsletter increases your email open rate and potential repeat business. It’s the smart way of communicating with new & existing customers.

Please note: We don’t sell, buy or distribute email lists. If you don’t already have an existing customer email list, you can start by allowing URL Media & Marketing to create a “sign up” form for your website. Please contact us for further details & costs.


Basic plan – $99.00 (once only fee)
2,000 email subscriber limit, provider branding. Set-up your account, create, activate, set up your first template for you to use and import your list.

Standard Plan – $99.00/month (p.i.a, min. 12 months)
5,000 subscriber limit, no provider branding. Set-up, we create with your supplied content, activate, import your list and we send out your campaign on a monthly basis.

URL Media & Marketing offers an affordable Internet solution which has helped many Coast businesses achieve their on-line presence. Register your interest, we can help you too! Contact us today.