The best way to describe this service is that it’s just like a postal redirection, but for the Internet. Send a letter to one address, and it arrives at another, while the sender doesn’t know the final destination.

The Domain Manager service gives you the ability to point your chosen domain name to another Web address. It can also leave your domain name in the Web browser so the underlying address is hidden. The is called a “masked or cloaked URL”.

Customers looking for www.yourName.com.au are instantly redirected to:


however your customers will not see this long ISP web address. This service is essential for businesses using a free Web site at their ISP, since these typically have long and unwieldy Web addresses.

It’s also great if you are often in the habit of changing Internet Service Providers, where your domain name and email solution will not be effected. Having a personalised Web address, which remains in the Web browser, gives your site the appearance of a professionally hosted site.

Point your Domain Name to any website or web page. Suits entry level business who can utilise free web space with their Internet Service Provider. Hide the URL of the web page you redirect to. Makes free hosting look professional.


  • Cost effective
  • Capture the “type in” market who don’t use a search engine to find your website
  • You may not have a popular domain name
  • Create instant success for your website
  • Your URL redirection can also be “masked”, to hide the destination address of your website
  • Save on Web Hosting fees by redirecting to free web space, provided by your I.S.P.
  • Increases web traffic to your website
  • More traffic = more sales
  • Popular domain names allow your visitors to go straight to your website
  • You’re not paying high fees to buy a popular domain name
  • Your competitors will wish that they had another string to their bow, for their website traffic


YOUR domain name, purchased on your behalf and managed by URL Media & Marketing, redirected to a website maintained by URL Media & Marketing:
$10.00 /year (unmasked URL Redirection)

YOUR domain name, managed by URL Media & Marketing, redirected to a website which is hosted & managed elsewhere:
$49.00 /year (masked Domain Manager)

URL Media & Marketing owned domain name, redirected to your website:
$199.00 /year (Premium Redirection)

Please note: fees apply to .com & .com.au domain names. Not applicable for websites hosted by URL Media & Marketing on your behalf.