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Whether you need that special event, spectacular panorama view or a stylish interior shot URL Media & Marketing can produce great images for you or your client to use on social media sites. We take the time to get the right shot, not just point and shoot. Mike has been videoing as well as photographing people & real estate since 1990. Now you can experience our service at a price you can afford.
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Rates & Terms

Single Photo Shoot

$110per visit
  • 1 subject 1 location

Multi Photo Shoot

$45per person
  • 1 location

Event Photo Shoot

$80per hour
  • Plus Production Cost

Video Shoot

$80per hour
  • Plus Production Cost
  • We can email you the final shots

  • Provide a private link for you to download the photos.

  • If we manage your website then we will upload the photos to your website at no extra charge.

  • Please ask for a quote.

Video Production

A video shoot adds a new dimension to your special event. Our videos are not just a collection of photos on video, they are actual moving videos, combined with some of the best still shots. We will also include:

  • Background music mixed into the presentation
  • Your logo & text in the opening title page
  • Text overlay during the video
  • End credits with your contact details
  • If we manage your website then we will upload the video to your website at no extra charge
  • Upload the finished product to YouTube for you to use & share
  • Provide you with the URL link to share

Please note: Production costs are extra with editing & video production. Ask for a quote.

Below is an example of some of our work.