In today’s volatile consumer market a well optimised website is an absolute necessity as it offers the highest return on investment, compared to any other marketing strategies. The Internet offers businesses of any size the opportunity to compete against established companies on a level, online platform.

When you’ve finished building a web site, you can’t expect that traffic will automatically arrive, and you will see results! You wont…

Your website needs to have the right meta tags and be maintained with regular submissions to search engines, like Google, Yahoo & Hotbot. Once that is done, the search engines send out web-bots to “spider” your site, or what’s called indexing.

If you don’t have the right meta tags or proper keywords and description, the search engine spiders will overlook your site, or give you a poor ranking on the results page. You don’t want to be on page 8,058,044,651, if you rely on the search engines finding you, or worse still: not even ranking at all. The aim is to be on the first results page and it can happen with good meta tags and regular search engine submissions.

In order to receive good search engine results, you must submit your website to all the major search engines, on a regular basis.

When URL Media & Marketing submits your website (every 2 weeks) to the major search engines, they will “spider” your site and index the text on your website. This generally happens within 6 – 8 weeks, and slowly you should start to see results after 12 months of submissions. There is no guarantee of success, as this is a slow and timely process, which has to be done for all websites (particularly newly created) that rely on new customers through the Internet.

Our search engine submissions programme, regularly submits your web address to all the major search engines. This is crucial to good search engine results, which could take at least 6-8 weeks to actually be listed anywhere, let alone a good result. Please note: results are NOT guaranteed.

We can also provide you with a full written report on the condition of your website, and how it will fare in the search engine rankings.

We can also develop meta-tags and keywords for your website so that it will rate better.

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  • Search Engine Appraisal: FREE
  • Search Engine Submissions: $49.00 / month (minimum 6 months)
  • Google Sponsored Links Package from $100 / month
  • Meta Tag Construction: $199.00 / page
  • Full Website Critique: $495.00
  • Private Consultation: $95.00/hour