How do I Change the Ownership of my .au Domain Name?

There are a variety of reasons why the registrant and ownership of a domain name changes. The most common reason is because you have sold your business to a new owner, and that sale included a website and the domain name. It should be agreed at the time of sale who pays for the domain/website ownership transfer costs.

A registrant name change is the process of transferring the ownership of a domain name ending in .au from one party to another. A transfer of ownership involves complete re-registration of the domain for 2 years with the receiving entity, who will need to meet the eligibility requirements to hold the registration of the domain.

The following requirements must be met to successfully complete the Registrant name change form:

  •     The domain name is currently registered with the .au extension.
  •     The domain name is correctly spelt.
  •     The domain name is currently been managed by URL Media & Marketing and sitting in our reseller account.
  •     The current registrant contact details for the domain name are valid and email address accessible. A confirmation request will be sent to the registrant contact email address.
  •     The domain Authcode (EPP / Domain password) is valid.
  • and domains may only be registered by Australian sole traders, businesses, or companies who can supply an Australian Business Number (ABN), Australian Company Number (ACN), State Business Number, Trademark Number, or Incorporated Association Number to prove their eligibility.
  •     The domain name must have a close and substantial connection to the person or business intending to use it.


Process involved – next step

Please provide the following details of the new registrant (new owner) to URL Media & Marketing:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact phone number
  • Email address
  • ABN number

URL Media & Marketing will then issue an invoice to the new registrant (by email), with our bank deposit details on the invoice. Please use Osko by BPAY with your bank, which is a real time direct deposit transfer. Once the invoice has been paid and funds deposited into the our account (and funds cleared), we will then issue a receipt.

We will then start the transfer process of the domain name, to the new registrant, which usually takes 2-3 days.

The domain name authorisation code will then be sent to the new registrant so that they can transfer the domain name to their new Registrar and set up web hosting, or we can continue to manage the domain name.


The licence (ownership) of any .au domain may be offered for transfer (or “sale”) to another entity or party by any means and for any reason, on the condition that the gaining entity or party meets the eligibility criteria for the registration of a .au domain name.

If the domain name is registered to a cancelled or de-registered entity, that entity loses the right to hold the licence to the domain name. That is auDA policy. If you don’t have the right to hold the licence, you do not have the right to sell or transfer the domain name, as that would be an illegal transaction.