The websites I created two years are far different to the ones I am creating today. So much has changed in the world of website development, with the onset of smart phone technology, social media, WordPress & plug-ins to name a few.

The most important features of a website these days…

  • Log-in control panel, to make minor changes to your website
  • Dynamic content (which changes on your website)
  • Responsive design (mobile friendly websites)
  • Social media integration, including video
  • Email subscription
  • Customer engagement
  • A call to action

Social Media Integration

It’s not enough these days just to have a .html website, a Facebook or Twitter link and expect your customers to interact with your business on-line. Not everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account, and particularly not your older customers. The ideal situation is to enable social media integration where everyone can see your feed directly on your website, without having to log in.

Dynamic content which changes on your website, will have your customers keep coming back and engaging with your business. So when they are ready to buy from your business, you will be top of mind.

Are you engaging with your customers on a regular basis through social media? That’s good if you are, but…… A post on Facebook just doesn’t cut it, regardless of how many followers you have. Too many businesses are only relying on Facebook to showcase their latest news & products, when in fact they are wasting their time, and failing to capture a wider audience.

FACT: Not all your followers will see your posts, only a fraction will. The bad news is that most of the time, your “organic reach” is somewhere between 4.5% – 16% unless you pay Facebook to advertise. A smarter solution is to integrate Facebook within your own website and embark on an email campaign to your subscribers.

Cost Effective Email Campaigns

A well thought of and professional looking email campaign (just like this one) will have an “open rate” of no less than 30% and often better. These are far better results than a social media post. A few tips to consider:

  • Use a free email provider (up to 2,000 subscribers) such as Mailchimp. If you have more on your list, then have a paid service which is well worth the investment
  • Create an email database which feeds off your website
  • Regular email campaigns, but not too often. Once or twice a month is enough
  • Combine important information over the last month into one email campaign
  • Load all your contacts into the subscriber list
  • Have that call to action in your email

How I Can Help…

  • free no obligation advice anytime
  • a free report on your current website
  • cost effective website design (with huge discounts for current clients)
  • assist with managing or updating your existing website
  • create cost effective email campaigns
  • assist with Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Adwords, YouTube Video Production, Brochures, Press Media ads, etc.

Some Recent Examples

Here are some recent examples of websites that I have upgraded and incorporated social media integration.

Here Is The Offer

a $600 discount!
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I hope you found this information useful. We also build websites to suit any budget, so if you are looking for something a little more cost effective, please let me know. I look forward to assisting you with an Internet solution if the need arises, or you can contact me for an obligation free quote or advice.