After months of preparation we have launched our new website. The website world is rapidly changing and business owners need to invest in new technology.

The websites I built for clients two years ago are far different from the one’s being constructed today, thanks to social media and smart phones. You know how much things have changed when you scroll through my gallery of clients and former clients, and the work I did 15 years ago. Some of it was very ordinary by today’s standards, and I was in two minds whether or not to showcase that work. But I figure, that is my work and back then it was the “ant’s pants” of creativity. It also shows how long I’ve been in the business and just how many small business owners I have serviced.

Needless to say I am proud of all my work, past and present and in this case it has been a lot of work but well worth it. Feel free to comment, I love feedback. Hope you like it.